Third Generation GM F-Body Brake Upgrade – Spindle Bracket Design (5/9)

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This page contains brackets needed to mount various brake setups to modified 82-92 F-Body front spindles.


1998-2002 Camaro \ Firebird LS1 Brakes
2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V OR 2010+ Fifth Generation Camaro Brembo

This bracket will allow a few combinations of calipers and routers to be mounted.  This works with a 1998-2002 Camaro / Firebird caliper with matching LS1 12-inch rotor.   Also the bracket works with 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V or 2010+ Camaro 4 piston Brembo brake calipers using a C6 Corvette Z06 14-inch rotor.  The LS1 and CTS-V calipers use 12mm mounting bolts and the Camaro calipers use 14mm mounting bolts so there are two hole sizes in the bracket file autocad to accommodate either caliper.  There are two seperate DXF files, one for each hole size.

For LS1 brake setups the bracket should be machined out of 5/16 inch thick steel and you can shim out the caliper with hardened steel washers as needed.  In some cases you can machine the bracket out of 3/8 steel but it all comes down to the tolerances of the rotor, caliper mounting bracket, caliper carrier, spindle, and hub you are using.  To be safe a 5/16 bracket will always work with washer shimming.

If you are doing a CTS-V brake setup the bracket should be machined out of 1/4 inch thick steel when using a standard hub or a 3/8 bracket with the 1LE (HD) hub and add another 3/8 spacer to bring the bracket far enough out to shim the caliper on the center of the rotor.  I am not very comfortable with a 1/4 bracket thickness but have seen others use it on other brake swaps.  You will need to space the caliper out away from the bracket to center it on the rotor and to clear the lower spindle bolt.  Another option is to use a 5/16 bracket and shim the router out slightly with router shims.

When shimming the caliper use hardened steel washers so they do not compress and a feeler gauge to center the caliper on the rotor.

Holes labeled “C” are where the caliper mounts, holes labeled “S” are where the bracket mounts to the spindle

LS1 or Cadillac CTS-V or 2010+ Camaro 4-piston Front Brembo Brake Bracket (PDF File)
LS1 or Cadillac CTS-V or 2010+ Camaro 4-piston Front Brembo Brake Bracket (AutoCAD File)
LS1 or Cadillac CTS-V Caliper Bracket (DXF File)
2010+ Camaro Brembo Caliper Bracket (DXF File)


Corvette 1988-1996 C4 HD & Non-HD Setups

GM Third Gen. F-Body to Corvette C4 Spindle Bracket

The C4 12-inch and 13-inch HD setups use the same bracket.  When using a C4-HD (13 inch) brake setup this bracket needs to be 1/2 thick to properly position the caliper mounting bracket.  I highly recommend having the bracket cut out of 3/8 inch steel and using two 1/8 inch shim or washers to space the caliper mounting bracket out to reduce sprung weight.  Bear uses 5/16 inch thick brackets so it would be safe to use that thickness also with a 3/16 inch shim or washer.
C4 Bracket with Dimensions (AutoCAD File)
C4 Bracket (AutoCAD Version 2000 File)
C4 Bracket (AutoCAD Version 2005 File)
C4 Bracket (DXF File)
C4 Bracket (PDF File)


 Corvette C5 & C6 Brakes

GM Third Gen. F-Body to Corvette C5 Spindle Bracket

This bracket will work for all C5 brake, C6 Std JL9 (12.8″ rotor), and C6 J55 Z51 (13.19″ rotor) setups.  This bracket also fits RaceCrafts 2″ drop spindles.  This bracket will not work with C6 Z06 or ZR1 brakes.  The bracket should be 1/2″ thick.
C5 & C6 Bracket (AutoCAD File) this bracket was put into CAD by member Vexter
C5 & C6 Bracket (DXF File)
C5 & C6 Bracket (PDF File, legal paper size)


1998-2002 Camaro / Firebird F-Body “LS1” Brakes (OLD DESIGN)

GM Third Gen. F-Body to Late Fourth Gen. F-Body “LS1” Spindle Bracket

It is highly recommended to use the new CTS-V \ LS1 bracket which works with both CTS-V and LS1 calipers.  The new design (see top of page) fixes a slight offset of the caliper mounting holes, if you use this bracket there can be some clearance issues with the caliper bore hitting the bracket and the caliper not sitting center on the rotor.
(Holes labeled “C” are where the caliper mounts, holes labeled “S” are where the bracket mounts to the spindle)
The bracket should be cut out of 3/8 steel.
LS1 Bracket (AutoCAD DWG File)
LS1 Bracket (DXF File)
LS1 Bracket (PDF File)


Original 12-inch Baer Brakes Bracket

This bracket is designed to be used with a Baer brake caliper carrier (abutment bracket) .  From my research it seems Bear brakes used a corvette C4 13″ caliper carrier or similar.  It may be possible to use the 13″ C4 caliper with 12 inch rotors but has not been tested.
Stock Baer Brakes Bracket (AutoCAD File)
Stock Baer Brakes Bracket (PDF File)


Viewing and Printing Files:

You can download a free autocad .dwg fileviewer here; Autodesk Design Review and AutoDesk TrueView.  AutoDesk design review software is very useful if you are making the brackets by hand as the software lets you setup and scale your printer so the brackets will print out 1:1.  If you are using the PDF to print a properly scaled bracket you will need to scale the bracket in the print options until the scale check lines measure exactly 6 inches.



All brackets are released under Creative Commons ShareAlike, CC BY-SA, which means you are free to copy, distribute, modify, transmit, and even sell my work as long as you credit me and license your new creations under the identical terms.
Creative Commons License
This work by Luke Skaff, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
I specifically disclaim liability for use of the brackets I designed on vehicles used on public roadways or off road by user, and such use is entirely at the user’s own risk.  User agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold me harmless from and against any and all claims arising out of use of the brackets in any applications by user.

Use these brackets at your own risk.

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Page created: January 2006
Page content last updated: October 2012

23 thoughts on “Third Generation GM F-Body Brake Upgrade – Spindle Bracket Design (5/9)”

  1. The CTS bracket is confusing but we will see if it works. The LS1 and CTS brackets have the holes in the same location. Crossing my fingers.

    1. That is correct, the LS1 bracket has the same caliper mounting position. The CTS-V calipers are a direct bolt-on on fourth gen LS1 cars:

      The LS1 and CTS-V brackets should be tweaked a bit, the holes are a bit off center line from the center point of the spindle, where the hub and router mounts. I need to get another bracket cut before I post the new bracket design.

      1. It may be the spindle i am using (91 TA) but for proper caliper abutment bracket alignment front to back on the rotor (not center to center), the top spindle bolt hole needs to move.

          1. Do you think you could post the improved LS style brake brackets to your site? I have followed your post on Third Gen but was unclear as to which design improvement was which.

  2. Luke, you are my hero. I have been looking for a bracket that will fit C6 brakes to the racecraft 2″ drop spindles on my 88 IROC-Z. Thanks!

    You have a beautiful 89 IROC-Z.

    1. If these calipers mount on the factory 5’th gen spindle, which they appear to do, then my CTS-V \ Bemebo Camaro \ LS1 bracket should work for a thirdgen. You will need some huge wheels though.

  3. Hi I have C-4 covette 88 to96 I would like to maybe put on 2010 camro brembo bake set up. I have 18inch wheels so space is not a problem you can see my build on google wagzilla and hit images it going on a 1957 nomad

    thanks for your time

  4. Which holes on the C5 brackets are tapped and which are clearance if any? I am about to make a set at work and cant seem to find a decent c5 swap how to.



    1. None of the holes are taped in the C5\C6 bracket. Two bolts go through the bracket into the spindle and two bolts go through the other side of the bracket into the caliper carrier (abutment bracket).

      1. Awesome, I made them today and so far the fitment seems perfect! I just need to bring the cut down hubs into work and modify the spindle!

        Thanks a TON!

  5. Hello I am looking to upgrade my 55 Chevy front brakes I know I will have to make caliper mounting brackets, but I am wondering if the 13 inch part will work on my stock hub? Thanks for any help.

  6. I want to modify some 91 camaro spindles so I can use C5 calipers on them. I understand what needs to be done. What I’m still unsure of is that the article says “use the caliper mounting bracket (1) as a template to cut away this portion of the OEM spindle”. What does “(1)” refer to as I don’t see a caliper mounting bracket design on the website that runs straight across from one hole to the other on the spindle? I still don’t know how far away the cut line should be in relation to the centerline of the holes in the spindle. If someone can explain this to me or provide a printable template that I can use to allow me to see exactly where the cut line should be that would be great.

  7. I’m buying a complete bolt on C5 brake package. I have C5 wheels on my Trans Am. What is the smallest spacer I can use?

  8. could you please elaborate on the first bracket….i do plan on using the cts-v calipers and i will be using standard hubs (non 1LE). is this saying i ONLY need the 1/4 steel bracket? and the 1LE hub needs a 3/8 spacer? will i have to shim using the bracket or the calipers or the rotor if i’m using the standard hub?

  9. I have a 1991 z28 standard break package .I want to upgrade to the latest cts-v 6 pistion front and 4 piston rear break system .what is the best way to go about this conversion or is it even possible

  10. Would like to uprgrade 89 iroc standard front brakes to ls1 Camaro front brakes. Could you tell me what is needed would like to go get junk yard calipers.


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